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pauljacksonjr1_DVD“I CAME TO PLAY -THE SCIENCE OF RHYTHM GUITAR” – Instructional DVD
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Learn some of the best-kept secrets of R&B rhythm guitar playing. Paul Jackson, Jr. brings over twenty years recording experience right to your home or studio.

In this video you will learn the techniques needed for great rhythm, how to dissect a chord into simple parts, the concept of space, and what role “effects” play in a song. These are techniques that Paul has used on countless gold and multi platinum recordings.

The DVD features special guest performances by Ray Parker, Jr., plus interviews with George Duke, David Foster, and Al McKay.

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What superstars say about Paul Jackson, Jr.

“It would be hard for me to imagine making a record without the presence of Paul Jackson, Jr. He always transcends whatever superhuman expectations I have of him as a musician and human being. He’s a total 360 degree person.”
Quincy Jones

“Paul Jackson, Jr. is a dedicated and committed musician of the highest caliber. But don’t be misled into believing he is only technically correct. Paul has the elements that go along with great musicianship such as beautiful tone, wonderful phrasing, and a good ear for the right harmonics. His love for the guitar is evident every time he touches the instrument.”
George Benson

“To me, Paul Jackson, Jr. is like the Picasso of guitar, innovative, original, and inspired. I’m at the front of the line of those who are his fans and I’m proud to make music with such a gifted player.”

Luther Vandross

If you have purchased the DVD and would like to view or download the supplement booklet containing additional chords and exercises, please click here.

Password is included on the the DVD package.

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